Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Mark of the Beast

Who is the Devil? This link above will tell you exactly who he is. It's stated clearly in the bible. I pray that you will be blessed and realize that the devil (Satan) is alive and lurking around this earth. I've learned so much more by researching this. I thank God that I found this. I have so much more understanding and knowledge about Satan. He's a total liar. He wants to destroy EVERYONE here on earth. He believes he will ascend to heaven and sit on the throne. Well he's sadly mistaken. God gave him many chances to admit he was wrong and humble himself, but he refused. God threw him out of heaven and down to earth, so now he's tried to become the ruler of this world. Remind yourselves that Satan’s time is very limited. If you or anyone you know does not know Jesus, it's time to get to know him. Learn about him and decide for yourself what the truth is. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven (eternal life). There is NO OTHER WAY! Peace and blessings to you all!

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