Saturday, May 5, 2012

Waiting Room Series (Elevation Church)

I want to share part of tonight’s Waiting Room Series sermon at Elevation Church by Pastor Steven Furtick. The two scriptures for this sermon are Habakkuk 2:2-3 and 2Peter 3:8-9
We’ve all been in a waiting room of some type such as, the doctor’s office, dmv, or even in your car during slow traffic. Most of our lives are spent waiting on something or someone. This series gives us insight on how to actively wait on God with the right approach and mind frame. Here are 3 key points from tonight’s sermon:
1. Often you have to go through something to get to the place in your heart where God wants you. God may take you in a totally different direction that seems to be the opposite of where you thought you should go. When God does this, He’s preparing your heart for the place He’s taking you. Do not lose heart because sometimes we have to take a detour in order to arrive at the same place we were going to begin with. Just because there is a direct route to a destination, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the route you take to get there. Let God prepare you for whatever it is you’re about to receive.
2. God doesn’t put you in a holding pattern to punish you but to protect you. God places us in a holding pattern (holding position until you’re ready to be released) until He works out all the things in our hearts that shouldn’t be there. God is intentional in His delays. His delays are not His denials. If you’re in a holding pattern, don’t be discouraged because God is doing a great work in you until you’re ready for what or where He brings you to.
3. Trusting God means crossing over the supernatural dateline. When you come to God, you cross the supernatural dateline. The Supernatural Dateline is God’s time zone in heaven, not our time zone here on earth. God is not slow in keeping His promise, but very patient with you. 2Peter 3:9 (NIV).
I sense God wants us all actively waiting on Him. He wants us to put our God-given talents and gifts to work to bring about good in this world. We are to love and serve each other. It is time to turn on the light in that dark waiting room and get to work.

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